Cloud Cybersecurity Services Summary

Security Monitoring

  • Setup of monitoring systems to enable Incident analysis and response.

Cloud Security Operations

  • Management of security operations in cloud environments for a set of BAUs.

Infrastructure Automation

  • Automated development of cloud infrastructure using secure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices.

Vulnerability Management

  • Comprehensive assessment reports and remediation consultancy and management.

Security Process Automation

  • Automation of security tasks via scripting in cloud environments including containerisation.

Documentation & Knowledge Management

  • Creation of detailed documentation

  • Operational playbooks management

Penetration Testing Management

  • Coordination of penetration tests and remediation activities.

Cloud Support & Monitoring

  • Ongoing support and monitoring of cloud resources

  • Disaster recovery planning

Technical Consultancy

  • Technology alignment with business objectives

  • Consultancy on application scalability

Custom Solutions

  • Tailored packages can be negotiated based on client needs and project scope.

Note that these details are indicative and may vary based on the specific requirements of the client, market rates, the engineer's experience, and geographical location.